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Here is where you will find the solutions to all new mobile phones/Smartphones of the big Mobile Phone manufacturers like Apple iPhone 2G, 3G/S,4G, Nokia, Sony Ericsson, Samsung, LG Mobile, PDA, Navigation systems....
Software restore and update
Crash Damages
LCD / Touchscreen
Battery Charging problem
Water damages
Care Services
Virus Removal
: Data Backup, etc

All spare parts are new

All spare parts are original!

All spare parts Fits 100%!!

All spare parts are high-quality!!!

                                 12 month Repair Warranty!!!



iPhone 4 Display replacement black

Nokia N95 8GB, N96, N98 Display replacement

iPhone 3G/3GS Display replacement

Nokia 5800, N97mini, 5230 Display replacement

Laptop Repairs

- Crash Damages
- Display replacement -Motherboard repairs

- Water Damages
- System restore
- Softwareupdate
- Virus removal -Emergency Backups
-Care Services, etc